How to choose a new lock for your gate

Locks are very useful for people as they assist in protecting our house, offices and commercial properties. The same locks can cause trouble when we forget the keys or lock gets jammed. At times people also accidentally get locked out of the door or the gate of the house creating a panic situation. The locksmiths are the only service that can help in these situations. Locksmiths are professionals with experience and expertise who have knowledge of installing, repairing and removing locks. They also specialize in making duplicate keys for any lock whose original keys get lost.

One can take resort to 24 hours gate lock repair service Ma which can help in emergency situations when people get locked out of the gate and start stressing. There are different types of locksmiths, the one who handles domestic issues and the others who are hired for commercial spaces. When a locksmith is hired for commercial space, stringent scrutiny is performed.

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Usually, the charges of a locksmith are reasonable, and everyone who goes through the locking crisis can take resort to it. The Locksmiths are available 24*7 since the individual can face the trouble at any point of time and they have a sincere team ready to offer its help all the time. The team members are skillful enough to open the manual or automatic lock with their high-tech devices and experience. Hence in case of trouble, they can handle the situation in a professional manner and relieve the people who are trapped due to locking. They are just a call away.


When the gate of a personal or commercial space gets locked, one can take help of Professional gate lock repair solutions MA which can offer an instant solution to the problem. If there is an issue with the key, one can get a new key made from the locksmith. If the lock needs a replacement, the locksmith might ask you for the type of lock to be installed.

Here are few guidelines for selecting new lock for gate:

  • Chose spring latch

Spring latch should be installed by people who prefer security as well as convenience. The gate can be accessed from both inside and outside while maintaining the security of gate. Though some might not consider it as the best lock, it still offers required security.

  • Chose slide bolt

If you need a strong latch which can be accessed only from inside you can opt for the slide bolt locking system. It also offers a chance to use the padlock for further security. If you go for a slide bolt, make sure you opt for a good brand padlock.

  • Install thumb latch

Thumb latch is for people who are looking for something ornamental with aesthetic appeal. It is quite easy to operate both from outside and inside. They are available in various designs.

  • Lockable latches

For enhanced security one should use lockable latch. It requires a key for opening the gate from outside. It can be fixed on any type of gate be it wooden or metal.

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